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What Alpha-Bet provides


A $15 million revolving inventory of the newest games
Clients are assured of receiving the latest top-demand titles. Alpha-Bet supplies multiple units of the industry’s highest earning within days of their market release. A guaranteed monthly rotation strategy ensures maximum game revenues.

Nationwide service and support infrastructure
Alpha-Bet maintains 19 service offices and distribution centers coast to coast, stocking over $8 million in spare parts. Utilizing our efficient transportation and communication network, we are able to provide ongoing consultation 24/7. By installing a full-time professional at your facility we ensure superior technical reliability and give you access to the national service base comprising over 140 technicians and game reconditioners.

Expert assistance in realizing your creative vision
Alpha-Bet’s executives are widely recognized as the world’s leading experts in ticket redemption games and cashless electronic tracking systems. Yet, beyond just providing equipment, Alpha-Bet achieves a true strategic partnership with its clients, providing:

  • facility concept design
  • strategic planning
  • marketing
  • promotional solutions
  • new game research and development